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Are you thinking of buying brilliants or diamonds?

Use our professional experience to select from over 200,000 diamonds from the stock exchange of Italy and Antwerp.
Select the shape of the diamond you want and add filters by price, carat, color, cut and clarity.
Our experts will offer you the precious items you are looking for in a confidential and exclusive manner. Without intermediaries, savings of up to 80% on the cost.
Spremberg only offers untreated and conflict-free diamonds with independent certification (GIA, HRD, IGI).


Diamonds: shape

  1. Brilliant o Round to brilliant ( round brilliant cut )
  2. Princess o Princess ( princess cut )
  3. Emerald ( emerald cut )
  4. Asscher ( asscher cut )
  5. Drop or pear ( pear or drop cut )
  6. Radiant ( radiant cut )
  7. Oval ( oval cut )
  8. Pillow ( cushion cut )
  9. Heart ( heart cut )
  10. Marquise o navette ( marquise or navette cut )
  11. Trilliant o Trillion ( trilliant or trillion cut )

Diamonds: purity

  1. FL (flawless)
  2. IF (internally flawless). Small surface imperfections visible at less than 10x magnification
  3. VVS1 VVS2 (very few inclusions). Very, very small inclusions ( Very Very Small ) which are hard to find under 10x magnification. Only professionals and they manage to identify them after careful analysis
  4. VS1 VS2 (slightly included). Defects usually not visible to the naked eye
  5. YES1 YES2 (slightly included). Defects may be visible to the naked eye
  6. I1 (including 1st degree). Defects visible even to the inexperienced observer
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Italian Diamond Exchange

The Italian Diamond Exchange is composed by Members effective, who are admitted to vote and who can hold corporate offices, and by Qualified Sales Points . This recognition is assigned by the BDI to retail businesses that are distinguished by a recognized professional competence, but does not allow their holders neither the right to vote nor access to corporate offices.

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