Unique jewels

Each Spremberg jewel is a unique work

Each of us is unique, so why not our jewelry?

In Spremberg we design and produce our jewels one by one, each for a special client, for his special desire.
What is your dream?

Diadem design

How a jewel is born

It all starts with a chat with the customer to find out what they like, who the jewel is for, etc.
Once we understand what you want, we start proposing our ideas keeping in mind the set budget.
If the jewel is complex, we prepare drawings to better explain the idea.

sapphire necklace design
sapphire necklace design

Drawings can be done freehand or with the help of a computer.
Once the design has been approved, the gems and materials are selected.

The estimate is confirmed and then everything is handed over to the goldsmith masters for the construction of the jewel. Unique and personal as only a dream can be.

sapphire necklace

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