Our history

Spremberg is an Italian jewelry brand born 20 years ago from the passion of a stone importer and the genius of a businessman. They have chosen to make themselves known through exclusive channels, the windows of luxury hotels in Sardinia, in Montecarlo and Saint Moritz, focusing on the highest quality of the creations that arise from the craftsmanship of the best Italian goldsmiths.
Highly selected raw materials, the maximum trendy design, all condensed into precious masterpieces from the work of the best Italian laboratories.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring Italian craftsmanship and design to the world. Quality of materials, design, precious stones without intermediaries, directly from the craftsman to your hands.

Our Vision

Our goal is to offer a final product that is identical to what you dreamed of. Watch your jewelry take shape and get exactly what you imagined.

Our Credo

Each is unique, with their own qualities, desires and goals. We want to give everyone their own unique and wonderful jewel as a seal of this Creed.

The Gold

Our main material is, of course, gold. The world contains a limited amount of metals and minerals, and we are committed to making the best use of these limited resources. By removing all alloys and other contaminants from the metal, we create 99.99% pure gold which our goldsmiths combine with silver to create the finest 18K gold. Spremberg also works on behalf of other brands designing and producing unique and exclusive jewels.

Our Stones

The Ethics of colored precious stones, from the mine to the final market: at the basis of Spremberg's activity there is a particular attention to this theme. The theme is that of the so-called “conflict-free” and “child labor free” stones. We pay the utmost attention to select colored stones that have processing standards aligned with the principles of social responsibility.

The Design

The inspirations are many, from tradition to nature. Jewels that dress and tell stories: romantic, gritty, fun. Pearls reinterpreted in sculptures, rubies wrapped in flower corollas, aquamarines held by diamond dolphins. Tourmalines, sapphires, emeralds, mounted on white, yellow, pink and black gold.

Our Team

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Whether it's keeping a branded watch or buying a precious gift, there's only one address I would recommend: Spremberg! Twenty years of experience at the highest levels.

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